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SpinCoater 02


LaboratoryUltrasonicCleaner 01

laboratory ultrasonic cleaner

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industrial ultra sonic clenaer

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Ultrasonic Cleaner

  • beautiful design

  • high power

  • The price is right

  • long life

vCLEAN1 L27 05

U l t r a s o n i c  C l e a n e r

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Undoubtedly, the correct knowledge about the equipment used in research has a great role in its quality and results. With the increasing growth of technology and the arrival of modern equipment in …


One of the most important concerns of researchers and professors in equipping research and industrial laboratories is choosing the appropriate equipment according to the needs and applications required

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Depreciation of equipment is inevitable and the solution to deal with it is proper maintenance and timely repairs. This applies to equipment used in processes

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No matter how complete a product may be, it may not fully meet the needs of a particular activity. It is also possible for a specific activity