Undoubtedly, the correct knowledge about the equipment used in research has a great role in its quality and results. With the increasing growth of technology and the entry of modern equipment into the field of research, having sufficient knowledge to use the equipment correctly and optimally will make the research results reliable.

At the beginning of the production of laboratory equipment, we have always given priority to customer training and we have always tried to train the users of the company’s production equipment in the most complete way possible and familiarize them with the most detailed parts of the device. At Bakr, we believe that as important as the quality of production equipment is, ongoing customer support.

Becker assures its customers that it has never been alone in researching and using the company’s production equipment, and at any time, Becker experts will be available to customers to prevent or slow down the research process by advising, training and troubleshooting. They are crafted.